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Facing issues with your current taxi-booking application? Make your rides more fun and easy with a secured and effortless mobile app

Find a Car

Find a Car

This feature of the app allows the user to search for a taxi. There are many options available once you go to search bar like Rent e Ca Micro, Rent e Ca Mini and Rent e Ca Sedan. This gives the user a choice to commute in a car of his choice and comfort.

Select Taxi-type

Once the user selects the type of taxi he is willing to travel with, this screen shows the details about the type of car, number of people that can be accommodated. Thus, based on the number of people travelling, user can book taxi.

Select Taxi-type
Real-Time Location
Car Location

Sydney Opera House

Your Taxi is 8 minutes away from your pick-up point. Thanks for your patience.

Real-Time Location of Taxi

This app makes sure that once the taxi is booked by the user, he/she gets real-time updates about the location of where exactly the taxi is. Also, there will be a notification on user’s end to give an idea of how far the taxi is and how much time will it take to reach user’s pick-up point.

User Ratings

This feature allows the user to leave feedbacks for the rides they have taken and also rate the application. This helps not only enhance the performance and user-experience but also enhance the technical aspects like load time, GPS tracking and response time of the application in order to make it more efficient and flawless.

GPS tracking
User Ratings

Cash Collection

This feature allows the user to make payments via multiple options like e-wallets or cash. Based on the distance between Pickup Point and Destination, kilometres are evaluated. Based on the rates/km, the user will be notified about the bill he is amounted. In case of any discounts (if applicable) and taxes, a final amount is generated.


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