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You have to just take a gander at one measurement for valuing the tremendous market of e-commerce apps on mobile has progressed toward becoming a growth machine for businesses who are well-established offline but does not have foot-prints in the online world. When we were approached by this innovative client, we realized that how drastically the online world is changing.


Being a sports fan, the love for the sports-gear never fades away. This is exactly what we felt when we first met this client of ours. The enthusiasm with which he was describing his love for sports and passion to change the way people perceive sports-gear and related things was something we admired.


He needed better plans, productivity, a bleeding edge discussion where all sneakerheads could bond over their enthusiasm for sneakers. Thus, we began our journey by naming it – SNEAKA!

What exactly is SNEAKA?

The challenge which lied on our end was to deliver his passion in the form of a flawless working model – an e-commerce portal for sneaker-lovers. We had to pitch every feature right from design to codes correctly, the way he wanted, the way he likes.

He wanted a secured platform to aggregate and build a community of all sneaker-lovers where, apart from buying and healthy discussions and debates, also exclusive range of sneakers which are rarely-available on other e-commerce portals. The user will also be able to access the following


The user will create the profile and can add sneakers to your Wishlist.

Create group

the Create your own group of sneaker-interested buddies and share a bond.

showcase collection

The user can showcase their own collection by uploading HD pictures.

Digital Lock

You can have a digital lock to your own collections to keep it safe and secure.


The user can exchange their sneakers with others members of groups.


E-Wallets are enabled with payment gateways like PayPal to carry out transactions securely.

Our solution for Design

Before designing the solution, our team went through many other similar portals online. As there were no direct competitors for this specific domain, we moved to mobile-based e-commerce apps. The trending features were taken into consideration.

Our solution for Design

Amazing Features

Considering how amazing this application can get and how viral can it go among the sneaker-lovers community, we had to introduce and design features in a way that nothing was missed out. The good part was that we already had an idea of how a sneaker-lover would perceive this app. We knew exactly what all features would play the magic. So, we managed to have scrolls, tabs and tiled views in order to get a comprehensive, subtle and all-in-one app stuffed with amazing features.

SiliconItHub’s Strengths

Likes and Follow

User can create his profile where people can follow,

like and share a common interest.


There is a block where the user can see the actual number of people following him and the number of likes his profile has got.

Product Display

A tiled view of the high-resolution pictures of sneakers uploaded by the user is displayed along with the price tag.


The selling feature will let the user enter details like size, different views of sneakers and description about his sneakers.

Type selection

Whether the sneakers uploaded are Brand new or Pre-owned can be chosen by a simple button.

Price Setup

According to the market norms and price, the user can set his own price and the size of shoe and create the list.



A tabular view to filter the read, un-read and all messages are implemented to get everything under one roof.

Custom Selection

The user can select a particular user’s message and perform different operations on the same.

Real-time Notifications

The push notifications for the incoming and outgoing messages are real-time without a fraction of the second being here and there.

The Output

Not only our developing and design team but also the client itself was super happy with every effort made to build this application. We were happy with the fact that we could grasp and understand client’s vision to portray his vision into a working model. The truth of the matter is the objective was achieved and that is what matters the most being a growing company.

The Output

Technology Stack



Facebook Google SDK Social

Facebook Google SDK Social



Amazon Web Server

Amazon Web Server



Volley Networking

Volley Networking



Butterknife inject tool

Butterknife inject tool Third party libs

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